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Coronavirus: Vaccination Schedule Revealed at Budapest Public Transport Company

Márton Jász 2021.03.10.

Recently, Budapest Deputy Mayor Kata Tüttő declared that there are so many coronavirus infections among the Metro Line 2 workers that if two more people get sick, the Metro may need to shut down. Now, it has been revealed that the vaccination of staff will commence at BKV due to the fear that public transport could stop. 

Since the beginning of the epidemic, coronavirus has been identified in 714 BKV workers and currently 181 are confirmed to be in self-isolation.

Vaccination is crucial among public transportation staff, as without vaccines there are fears that even more employees of the capital’s public transport company would become infected, making transportation impossible sooner or later. According to the vaccination schedule, 138 BKV staff will be vaccinated against the coronavirus over the next three days.

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The Mayor’s Office emphasized that the BKV Pandemic Plan clearly defines the priority list of jobs in terms of vaccinations. The vaccine will be given to those whose absence would endanger the maintenance of public transportation, or in other words, those who cannot be replaced.

These workers include traffic controllers, vehicle mechanics, or staff without whom the operation of the entire power supply system would be jeopardized.

“The government has now finally realized – after the repeated request of the capital – that it is indispensable to vaccinate workers of companies in critical areas in the capital, ” the Mayor’s Office wrote in a statement, adding that companies in the capital have a large number of employees who are crucial  in their field, so it is imperative that they receive the vaccine against the coronavirus as soon as possible.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI