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Coronavirus: Gov’t Announces Further Easing of Restrictions in Pest County, but Not in Budapest

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.05.14.

The head of the Prime Minister’s Office has announced further easing of restrictions introduced earlier to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with special regard to Pest County, the area outside Budapest, which would be governed by the same rules as the other counties.

Speaking at his weekly online press conference, Gergely Gulyás said that data regarding the epidemic in Pest County were now closer to the other regions rather than to the capital. The government will soon decide on easing restrictions in Budapest, too, he added.

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Concerning the actual measures, Gulyás said that requirements of social distancing and wearing face masks would be maintained, but restaurants and other catering facilities could open their indoors areas to the public.

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Public parks and playgrounds, as well as hotels are also allowed to reopen from Monday, the minister added.

Schools will definitely not re-open before June 2, Gulyás said, adding that it was conceivable that the academic year may be concluded even if students did not return to the classroom before the summer holiday.

The government has decided to allow day camps for children, while another decision on whether to allow overnight camping was conditional on the coronavirus situation at the end of May, he added.

Answering a question, he said that the government may rescind its special emergency powers towards the end of June unless the situation changed dramatically.

Featured photo illustration by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI

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