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Coronavirus: Párbeszéd Calls on Billionaires to Offer 1% of Their Wealth

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.18.

The opposition green-liberal Párbeszéd party has called on Hungary’s billionaires to contribute one percent of their assets to a community fund to finance efforts to handle the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Richárd Barabás, the party’s spokesman, said the business elite in other countries had set up similar funds, adding that Hungary’s rich are “obliged to use their wealth for a good purpose”.

The proposed fund could be used to provide people with protective gear and disinfectants, as well as digital devices for school children learning from home, Barabás said.

The spokesman also called on members of his target group to offer some of their properties to be used as isolation hospitals, and to support health workers and the unemployed.

This week, the Buda Health Center, partly-owned by billionaire businessman and OTP Bank leader Sándor Csányi, suspended its private services and non-acute patient care, and offered its inpatient facilities for the operational board. As a result, its Királyhágó street facility will be transformed into a disease control hospital in the coming days.

Featured photo via Párbeszéd’s Facebook page