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Coronavirus: Jobbik Calls for One-off Benefits to be Tax Exempt in Emergency

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.07.

The opposition Jobbik party on Thursday proposed that one-off benefits should be tax exempt if extended by local councils during a state of emergency.

Tamás Pintér, the mayor of Dunaújváros, central Hungary, told a press conference that the government had failed to remunerate the “heroic efforts” of social workers during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The local authority allocated 17 million forints (EUR 50,000) to supporting them, who then had to pay 15 percent taxes on the monies received, Pintér said.

Lifting those taxes would also ease the burdens of local councils, the Jobbik politician added.

Pintér said local councils were facing “serious problems”, accusing the central government of attempts to make their operation impossible.

In the featured photo: Dunaújváros mayor Tamás Pintér. Photo via dunaujvaros.com