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Coronavirus – Nationwide Ban on Visitors to Social Care Homes

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.09.08.

Hungary’s chief medical officer ordered a nationwide ban on visits to social care homes as well as an order to keep residents from leaving the facilities, with a view to containing the spread of the novel coronavirus, the human resources ministry said on Tuesday.

The only exception to the ban on visits applies to terminally sick residents in the final stage of their illness, the statement said.

Exceptions to the rule on keeping residents of social care homes within the facility apply to people who must leave for treatment, as well as psychiatric patients and people with disabilities who may go on outings in groups. Also, overnight shelters for homeless people are not required to stop guests from leaving the facility, the ministry said.

What's the Reason Behind the Sudden Increase in Coronavirus Cases?
What's the Reason Behind the Sudden Increase in Coronavirus Cases?

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Incoming residents of social care homes may only be admitted in possession of two negative coronavirus tests.

featured image Attila Balázs/MTI