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Coronavirus: 4207 Home Quarantines Ordered So Far

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.24.

The number of people breaching quarantine regulations is growing, the operative board said on Tuesday. Tibor Lakatos, the head of the operative board’s emergency centre, told a press conference that the authorities have ordered home quarantine in 4,207 cases so far.

Altogether 177 irregularities have been recorded, he said. The authorities have fined 24 people and filed misdemeanor charges against 130, he said.

Those who have been exposed to the risk of infection, having recently returned from abroad or for other reasons, may carry the virus without showing symptoms, Lakatos noted. They may pass the virus on to people for whom it may be life-threatening, he said.

Hospitals received protective gear for intensive care workers by early Tuesday morning, he said. Protective equipment is being continuously supplied to those who may come in direct contact with virus-carriers through their work, he said.

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The protection of health-care workers, policemen, disaster management staff and others participating in the epidemic relief efforts is a priority, Lakatos said.

Regarding the work of operative groups at strategic companies, Lakatos said the groups are reporting any operational problems to avoid supply interruptions. Further, companies may be involved in taking measures if necessary, Lakatos said.

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Lakatos also warned that a growing number of people are trying to exploit the epidemic to defraud others. The police have taken action in connection with 16 cases of scaremongering, 14 instances of fraud and 13 cases of endangering the public, he said.

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Shops are being monitored to ensure they observe shortened opening times, Lakatos said.

Hungary’s border crossings are currently operating seamlessly, mostly without congestion, he said.

Regional epidemic response committees have started working in all Hungarian counties, coordinating protection efforts locally Lakatos said.

Featured photo by György Varga/MTI