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Connie Mack: New Page Will Be Turned In USA-Hungary Relations

By Tamás Székely // 2016.12.14.

Ties between the United States and Hungary will always be strong and this is because the two countries share common values, Connie Mack, a former American congressman and the Hungarian government’s lobbyist in Washington DC said in Budapest.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Századvég Foundation on the outlook for ties during the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump, Mack said the recent telephone conversation between Trump and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had got relations off to a very good start, and it appeared that ties would develop favorably. Also, it looks likely that the two leaders will enjoy a long-term and personal relationship, he said. Whoever is appointed as Secretary of State will certainly recognize the significance of US-Hungary relations, Mack said.

Hungarians often in the past eight years had been under the impression that no one in the US administration favored their country, but now a new page in relations would be turned, he said. Energy will be a major issue for both governments, he added. For the US, it will be important to help its partners to diversify its supplies, Mack said, adding that the US would in future play a leading role in this kind of area.

Prior to the Századvég conference, Connie Mack gave an exclusive interview to Hungary Today, speaking about various topics, including his work experiences with Hungary, his offensive Trump tweets and his relationship with Arthur J. Finkelstein, who works as PM Viktor Orbán’s main campaign adviser.

via and MTI; photo: Zsolt Burger –