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Conference on Hungarian Holocaust Rescuers Held in Budapest

By admin // 2014.10.31.

A conference entitled “Knowing Who? Knowing Why? – Messages of Hungarian Rescuers in the 21st Century” started in Budapest’s Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade on Thursday. Anna-Mária Bíró, director of the co-organising Tom Lantos Institute, praised Hungarian rescuers as people of extraordinary qualities who dared to resist the commands of the Hungarian state and the German occupiers and potentially became subjects of persecution themselves.

She added, however, that one cannot discuss their moral greatness without admitting that “the Hungarian state and society
had betrayed Hungarian citizens.” Israeli Ambassador to Budapest Ilan Mor said that although the Holocaust brought to surface the rescuers’ imposing qualities, their story remained marginal amidst the heinous and horrible crimes committed during that age.

The ambassador said that most of the Jews had not been saved, and the Holocaust had been a period of moral collapse, betrayal and desertion for the perpetrator, the indifferent and the collaborator, he said. Mor said that altogether 25,000 rescuers, including 900 Hungarians, had received the Righteous Among the Nations Award.

via HungaryMatters, photo Tom Lantos Istitute