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Concert for Roma Victims of the Holocaust

admin 2014.07.29.

World-renowned jazz musician Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and violinist Lajos Kathy-Horváth will perform alongside the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra (Száztagú Ciganyzenekar) on Thursday part of the Holocaust Memorial Year, reported news agency MTI. The concert is set to take place in the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center as programs of the Holocaust Memorial Year continues despite funding controversies.

The Roma holocaust memorial day event will also feature a ceremony where memorial candles will be lit for the Roma victims of the Holocaust. The poem of Sándor Reményi, “Az én lelkipásztorom” (My Pastor) will be recited by presenter Bence Takács on live television, added the organizers. The concert is set to feature an improvisative mix of Roma and Jewish melodies, inspired by the remembrance of the Holocaust victims, while the Oscar award-winning melody of Schindler’s List will also be played.

The Roma Holocaust Memorial Day has been organized every year since 1972. According to historic estimates, the Second World War and Holocaust caused the death of 2 million Romas all across Europe, with 10 to 30% of them deported from Hungary.

Listen to a piano piece by Béla Szakcsi Lakatos:

Photo: romnet