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Competitiveness Depends on Labor

admin 2014.09.04.

The continent’s competitiveness depends on labor, and Europe cannot develop unless the reputation of work is restored, said Péter Szijjártó on Wednesday. The states secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade talked at an international economic forum, held in Krynica, Poland.

According to Szijjártó, Europe should continue the road paved by Hungary, and develop a labor-based society, where having a job is important, and this way the continent could abandon policies of austerity and reserve the current trends of piling up debts. Szijjártó added, the EU should ensure greater freedom for national decision makers, especially on national economy. More freedom would accelerate the process of enlargement, help develop closer economic ties and emerging backward regions.

Hungary has already proven that it is not impossible to put a country back on track, while exercising fiscal discipline at the same time, Szijjártó said, boasting about Hungary’s high GDP growth and low deficit. The state secretary also talked about a shift in economic and political power towards Central Europe. With Dunald Tusk’s election to the presidency of the European Council, the region’s importance is on the rise. Szijjártó also admitted that he had talks with Poland’s economic minister, outlining a possible credit line agreement.

via HungaryMatters, MTI Photo Lajos Soós