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Communist Police Commanders’ Lives are Open Books Now

Tom Szigeti 2016.12.07.

Now everyone can read about the life of the communist commanders who fought against the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

‘The Leaders of the System’ (‘A Karhatalom Vezetői’) is the name of a document which is now available on the Nemzeti Emlékezet Bizottság (Hungarian National Memory Committee) website. This document presents the career path of the communist armed leaders who helped the Soviets to put down the Revolution of 1956. The communist regiments were recruited and formed during and following the revolution by Soviet experiences. The members voluntarily joined these squads, and during the operation they participated in the search for, arrest and torture of the freedom fighters. They fully supported the Soviet troops during the fighting.

There are 67 people whose files have been included as ‘Leaders of the System.’ They were fully in charge of operations during the fighting, and, according to the National Memory Committee, are responsible for their units’ actions, since their soldiers ultimately reported to them. While historical evidence seems to show that these communist military units were fighting during the revolution, they were only officially organized beginning on November 9th, 1956. Without a doubt, however, these were people joined the communist system before its stabilization, meaning that they were fully committed to Soviet ideology and to the preservation of the Party dictatorship. On the occasion of the 1956 memorial year the organizers want to show to the public who these commanders were and offer a deeper understanding of the revolutions through memorials.

You can see the full Hungarian-language document here. 

Via the Nemzeti Emlékezet Bizottság official website.