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Committee on Budgetary Control: Outcome of Elios Investigation Is Surprising

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.11.07.

Ingeborg Gräßle, current chair of the Budgetary Control Committee and member of the European People’s Party, commented on the recent events involving the Elios-case—widely known for its connection to Viktor Orbán’s son in law, István Tiborcz.

Ingeborg Gräßle shared her concerns on Twitter today: “The outcome of the Hungarian authorities investigations in the ELIOS case is surprising. The OLAF report contained strong evidence on fraudulent irregularities. The European Parliament’s Committee will have to analyze the results of this investigation together with DG REGI.”

The investigation against Elios Innovativ, a procedure initiated in the wake of a report by the EU’s anti-fraud office (OLAF), has been terminated for an absence of crime, a national police spokesman said on Tuesday. Police have reviewed a “substantial amount” of documents and concluded that no crime has been committed, Kristóf Gál said.

The chairwoman stated that the outcome of the investigation strengthens doubts concerning the independence of Hungarian law enforcement authorities and reinforces the need for a real tool to protect EU financial interests in the future as Hungary and other big recipients don’t participate in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Via: MTI, 444.hu

Image: Exit.al