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“Combino Killer” Jailed For Kicking Woman Beneath Budapest Tram In 2014

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.09.16.

A Budapest man who caused an elderly woman’s death by pushing her beneath an approaching tram in the Hungarian capital two years ago has been jailed for 18 years.

The final ruling confirmed a verdict of first instance handed out in October 2015, which saw the man, who was 41 years old at the time, jailed for 18 years without the possibility of parole for deliberate murder, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

As ascrtained in the ruling of first instance, the 74-year-old woman was hit by a tram on 1 August 2014, having been kicked in the back standing at a stop of the 4/6 line at the Buda bridgehead of Margaret Bridge. The man attempted to flee the scene but was held back by passers-by.

During his trial, the defendant, who was drunk at the time and is a repeat offender, acknowledged having deliberately kicked the victim but denied seeing the tram approaching or kicking the woman to fall beneath the vehicle, instead claiming that he did so because the pensioner jostled in front of him, Áron Gergely Á. said at the Thursday court hearing.