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The Colorful Pre-autumn Of Hungary In Pictures – Gallery

Robert Velkey 2016.09.15.

“Fall is again, fall is here 
Beautiful as ever for me,
God only knows why I love it,
But I love it, I do!”

According to the iconic Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi the autumn might be the most beautiful season in Hungary as he versifying in Fall is again, fall is here. Well, it is up to our personal sentiments but what is true is true it can be beautiful. We collected some picture of Béla Keifer and the gorgeous “Fall of Hungary”.


I sit down on a hilltop,
From here I take a look around,
I listen as leaves are falling:
To the tender, rustling sound.


Beams of the sun look at the land
With a gentle, caring smile,
As a loving Mother would look
At her dormant child.


And indeed, when autumn arrives,
The earth does not die, just sleeps,
It is in her eyes: she’s not sick,
Only drowsy, a little bit.


She’s taken of her fair clothes,
In complete silence undressed.
She will dress when dawn is coming,
And springtime is in progress.


Sleep tight then, beautiful nature,
Till morning slowly comes, sleep,
And from dreams you should only
The most pleasurable keep.


I touch my lute quietly
With the tip of my fingers,
My soft and gloomy song resounds,
It’s your lullaby, that ligers.


My Dear, sit here by my side,
Sit silently till my song,
Like whispers of the wind
Above the lake, fade, before long.


If you kiss me, place your lips
On my lips very slowly,
Let’s not wake from her dream the
Slumbering nature suddenly.

via: magyarulbabelben.net (Transaltion of Éva Grünwald)

photos: facebook.com/bela.kiefer

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