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Hungary Freezes In Coldest Days Of Winter So Far As Temperature Sinks To Record Low

Tamás Székely 2017.01.09.

The temperature on January 8 fell to an all-time record low for this date at -28.1 C measured in the village of Tésa in northern Hungary, the National Meteorological Service said in a statement on Sunday.

The previous record for this date was -26.5 C measured in Romhány, also in northern Hungary, in 1985, the statement added. The record was also broken for Budapest early on Sunday with the mercury falling to -18.6 degrees at Ferihegy. The previous record, also measured at Ferihegy, had been -18.5 C in 1985. The average lowest temperature on this date was -4.2 C, as against -16.8 C this year.

The disaster management authority said on Saturday that electricity services had been restored throughout the country by noon after temporary power cuts reported from Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in the northeast, Fejér County in central Hungary and Győr-MosonSopron County in the west. The authority opened temporary heated facilities and set up power generators in places where the power cut lasted for a longer period, deputy spokesman Dániel Mukics said.

The Ecumenical Charity has set up temporary shelters for people in need and the Menhely Foundation said on Saturday that there are still places available in the homeless shelters they operate. The Ecumenical Charity told MTI that their heated tents are open non-stop in Csepel in Budapest, in Gyula in south-east Hungary, in Debrecen in the east and in Berehovo (Beregszász) in western Ukraine. The tents also include sanitary facilities and food is available for those in need. Menhely director Zoltán Aknai said their shelters around the country were 90% full on Friday night.

Hungary’s homeless services system has passed the “pressure test” of extreme weather conditions, state secretary Károly Czibere said. Czibere noted that homeless shelters have been enlarged, and said that there was still “an abundance” of beds to accommodate more people. In the provinces most shelters are full, he said, but added that new arrivals would “not be rejected”. Speaking on public television M1 on Sunday morning, the state secretary said that nobody had died due to the extreme cold during the past two nights.

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via and MTI