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Coca Cola is a Hungarian Product – at least for the Minister of Agriculture

Fanni Kaszás 2017.12.27.

The government has reached the target of 80 per cent of domestic products this year and the proportion of imported goods cannot be lower anymore, told Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture to Világgazdaság on Wednesday.

According to the minister, the government has reached its goal as 80-85 percent of the products in stores are Hungarian. What is more, those who drink foreign products such as Coca-Cola, also consume Hungarian products, as all ingredients of the drink are domestic.

The minister considers the reduction of import wine to be a great achievement as well and he also expects decline in foreign products like flavoured yogurts, as the domestic dairy industry will develop in the coming years thanks to investments in the food industry. He added that import cannot be lowered beyond this level, as there always will be seasonal and colonial import products.

He said they are close to reach their goal in land use as well, with the help of the land law – that is, foreigners cannot buy land and the proportion of large and medium estates are modified, in order to shift land use to small and family farms. The aim of the government is to reach 20-80 per cent proportion in land use. They have reached around 40-60 ratio this year.

Fazekas also talked about the government’s strategy to keep African swine fever out of Hungarian borders. They are restricting the private import of food, controlling the borders and holding animal health trainings. He said they will do everything to prevent the infection to spread in Hungary.