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CNN: Budapest’s Great Market Hall Europe’s Most Amazing City Market

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.04.01.

Budapest’s Greatest Market, on Fővám tér, District IX, hall has surpassed other famous European city markets such as Mercat de San Josep de la Boqueira, the Istanbul Bazaar, London’s Portobello Road and Les Puces in Paris to be named the continent’s most amazing market on CNN Travel’s list.


Inside the market hall in 1930…

The site emphasises that the three-storey “cathedral of iron” was deemed one of the world’s most modern market halls, with state-of-the art lighting and ventillation, when it opened at the end of the 19th century. It originally had a canal running through its center so that barges could deliver fresh produce to the traders. The canal is no longer there — it’s been replaced by wide elegant thoroughfares between the stalls.


…and in 1949

The hall was badly damaged during World War II and was eventually closed when it became a danger to patrons. In the mid-1990s, it was extensively restored and now takes pride of place as one of the city’s great attractions.

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