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Speaking about his new movie, Hollywood actor George Clooney says its mood was determined by how much anger and hatred can be experienced around the world, specifically mentioning (and blaming) Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán and Brazilian President Bolsonaro. In reaction, the government’s communication, together with pro-government outlets, accuses the superstar actor of speaking from George Soros’ playbook.

In a lengthy interview, Clooney originally spoke of his iconic film roles. At one point when discussing the circumstances of the creation of the new post-apocalyptic movie he stars in, The Midnight Sky (to be released on December 23rd by Netflix), Clooney told GQ Magazine that the mood of the film was determined by the anger and hatred that can be experienced around the world.

“We weren’t in the middle of a pandemic when it happened, but there were still all these other elements, these elements of how much hate and anger all of us are experiencing at this moment in our history, all over the world. Go to Bolsonaro in Brazil, or Orbán in Hungary, or look around, lots of anger and hate…,” the movie star said. If this characterizes our world now, in 30 years, it could easily lead to a world in which the movie takes place (it is set in 2049), Clooney speculated.

Orbán gov’t reaction: Clooney is Soros’ friend

Both the government and pro-Fidesz media outlets immediately reacted to depict Clooney as George Soros‘ friend. It was first pro-Fidesz tabloid Origo who brought out a photo, showing Soros’ son Alexander with the actor.

While according to the reaction from the spokesman of the government information center (KTK), Örs Farkas, “there has been a dispute between George Soros and the Hungarian government over immigration for years, so George Soros uses all possibilities to attack the Hungarian government.

“It is quite disappointing that there are actors, even non-political actors, who carry out Soros’ political intentions.”

Orbán: Soros 'Threatening Hungary, Poland'
Orbán: Soros 'Threatening Hungary, Poland'

Financier George Soros, the “most corrupt man in today’s international politics”, is threatening Hungary and Poland, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a regular interview with public radio on Friday. Orbán insisted Soros had “many politicians on his payroll … he is the corrupting force behind the Brussels bureaucrats blackmailing and threatening Hungary.” He noted […]Continue reading

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch also reacted to Clooney’s criticism. According to him, Clooney is an “imposter” who speaks “rubbish” about Hungary, a place that he couldn’t even find on the map not even by using Google Earth. Democratic Coalition (DK) presidency member István Vágó, however, doubted Deutsch’s arguments given that Clooney’s wife is an internationally famed human rights lawyer who was born in Beirut (supposedly making her sensitive to the anti-migration campaign), and the couple live in Europe.

featured image via MTI/EPA/Giorgio Onorati