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Classic Civil Sector Expands In Hungary Despite Struggling Nonprofits

Tamás Székely 2015.01.26.

Data on revenues and employment showed an expansion in Hungary’s civil sector in 2013 compared with the preceding year, the cabinet office said, dismissing press reports suggesting that the civil sector had started to “decline” in 2012. The press cited Central Statistical Office (KSH) data released last week, but used the civil sector as a synonym for non-profits, the cabinet office said.


Yet the civil sector accounts for only a small portion of non-profits, it said. This includes civil societies, associations registered in Hungary and foundations, with the exception of public and party foundations, it said, adding that the KSH analysis referred to the non-profit sector as a whole. The KSH clearly indicated that declining trend applied to “nonprofit business organisations with a service profile,” the cabinet chief said.

Taking the classical meaning of the term “civil sector”, there was clearly an  8.2% increase in their revenues in 2013 compared with the preceding year, he said, adding that in 2013, the number of employees in the sector also rose and their average wages also increased.

via and graphs: photo: public domain