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“The City That Lives A Double Life”: BBC Travel Showers Budapest With Praise

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.09.05.

BBC Travel has showered the Hungarian capital with praise in an article published today, branding Budapest a “tale of two cities” on account of the “different lifestyles and personalities” of its two halves on each side of the River Danube, Buda and Pest.

The article describes Pest as the “very fast” part of the capital where most things happen, packed with office blocks and restaurants. In contrast, Buda is quiter, with hills and green areas providing much better air to local residents. The website also points out that locals are friendly and helpful to tourists arriving from abroad and mentions the once-notorious District VIII for its “wild romantic” atmosphere where “anything can happen, basically”.

The piece also applauds popular excursion destinations Normafa and Margaret Island, as well as the Sziget Festival, and commends other points of interest across the country, including Szentendre, Esztergom and Lake Balaton.

What’s more, unlike Western European capitals, Budapest is well-suited for travellers on a budget, with food, drinks and housing all being very affordable, BBC Travel writes.

via bbc.com
photo: 24.hu