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The Chinese Sinopharm vaccine has arrived to Hungary’s GP offices, and has now effectively become a working part of the nation’s vaccination process. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s emphasis on urgency and the vaccine’s sudden authorization have, however, caused a growing amount of skepticism due to the lack of documentation available regarding its effacy and safety.

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller announced today that the Sinopharm vaccine has arrived to clinics around Hungary, reports MTI.

She emphasized that there are currently enough doses for every family doctor to inoculate an average of 50-55 people, but this is dependent on the amount of people under the GP’s treatment. Some may even receive enough for the vaccination of 70 people.

Chief Medical Officer Asks Hungary Not to Fear Chinese Vaccine

Müller added that there is no vaccine that provides 100 percent effective protection from the virus, but all five vaccines authorized in Hungary can protect those inoculated from the serious, potentially deadly complications of the coronavirus.

She reminded the public that more than 30 million people have already been vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine, and requested that Hungarians remove their fears of the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

The medical officer also added that thanks to both Eastern and Western vaccines, Hungary has been able to rise above the European Union average vaccination rate.

Müller is counting on an estimated 368 thousand vaccinations within the next week.

Chief Medical Officer: Chinese Vaccine Fits Manufacturer's Specifications
Chief Medical Officer: Chinese Vaccine Fits Manufacturer's Specifications

An analysis by Hungary’s public health authority has shown that China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications, the chief medical officer said on Friday, adding that the jab could be put to use once it is approved by the drug regulator. Addressing an online press briefing of the operative board responsible for handling […]Continue reading

This estimate consists of 275 thousand people receiving the Sinopharm vaccine, 52 thousand recieving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and 41 thousand people receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

An Increased Resistance to Mutations?

According to virus researcher Miklós Rusvai, the Chinese vaccine is more likely to provide an effective resistance to virus mutations.

With other vaccines, mutations such as the South African variant currently take away 5-8 percent of effectiveness, but the Sinopharm vaccine, since it contains similar proteins, is allegedly more effective in protecting people from such mutations.

Hungarian Experts Weigh in on the Sinopharm Vaccine
Hungarian Experts Weigh in on the Sinopharm Vaccine

Hungarian doctors have shared their thoughts on the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine’s potential licensing Hungary. Some warn that it could be very dangerous, while others assure us that it is not as bad as some think. The Hungarian government is currently awaiting the decision of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) regarding the licensing […]Continue reading

Rusvai believes that the increased infection rate of the third wave is not caused by people breaking restrictions, but rather by new mutations taking hold in the population.

Some of Hungary’s Professionals Back Up Chinese Vaccine’s Efficacy

The vaccine can be administered to anyone above the age of 18, and is required to be administered in two doses, the second one 28 days after the first, reports koronavirus.gov.

Mátyás Szentiványi, head of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) confirmed the government’s statement that since, according to the producer, anyone above the age of 18 can receive the vaccine, Hungarian authorities are also willing to allow it.

Still, there is doubt around whether the Sinopharm vaccine is safe to use on people above the age of 60, especially since there is little information on the its effect on that age group.

So far, the results of the first and second phases of clinical trials have been published, in which researchers conduct an analysis of the vaccine’s safety, efficacy, and dosage, on a relatively small number of subjects.

“With Mass Vaccination, Coronavirus Can No Longer Win” – Interview with Chief Infectologist János Szlávik
“With Mass Vaccination, Coronavirus Can No Longer Win” – Interview with Chief Infectologist János Szlávik

“Just get whichever vaccine is available. The virus can no longer win.” –  We sat down to discuss the rollout of coronavirus vaccines in Hungary, vaccination in general, and the race against the virus’s evolution, with South Pest Hospital Centre’s chief infectologist, János Szlávik. Let us jump a couple of months forward in time. It’s […]Continue reading

Still, the clinical trials show that the vaccine is safe for anyone between the ages of 18 and 80, and given that more than 30 million people have been vaccinated with Sinopharm’s vaccine with no reports of serious reactions or side effects, there is some proof of its safety from a practical perspective.

Family Doctors Show Their Concern

Regardless of how many people the vaccine has been used to inoculate, it is still worrying for many experts in the healthcare field that, unlike all other current vaccines, Sinopharm has provided minimal information on its vaccine.

Several family doctors told leftist daily Népszava that they would rather not administer the Chinese vaccine.

Earlier, the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors requested OGYÉI to provide more transparency around the vaccine’s documentation, but all they got in response was the vaccine’s product information provided by Sinopharm in Hungarian. This did not relate to what the chamber asked for, and when Népszava asked the chamber whether its worries had been lifted, no comments were made.

Gyula Keszthelyi, a family doctor in Cserepváralja, said that his clinic is only vaccinating people with vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency, and will not offer the Sinopharm vaccine to any of their patients, but will provide it if requested.

Survey: Rejection of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine in Hungary Still High
Survey: Rejection of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine in Hungary Still High

A recent survey conducted in Budapest shows that Hungarians are still feeling distrust towards the Russian and especially the Chinese vaccines. Also, there are differences in the attitude toward vaccination based on age and political affiliation. According to a representative survey conducted in Budapest by Medián and 21 Research Center, among people over the age […]Continue reading

Another family doctor, Zoltán Komáromi, who is also a politician of leftist Democratic Coalition, does not understand why the government is allowing the use of the Chinese vaccine for anyone above the age of 60 if there is so little data available for its impact on that age group.

Hungarian Toxicologist Warns Public About Chinese Vaccine

In an online presentation from Szombathely’s Cultural Center, toxicologist Gábor Zacher mentioned that the vaccine is not recommended for those with an unstable chronic illness, a history of hypersensitivity, or a chronic illness which can easily flare-up.

The toxicologist suggests any of the other four vaccines currently authorized in Hungary, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, or Sputnik V, since they are transparent with their documentation.

Everything You Need to Know About The Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine
Everything You Need to Know About The Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine

Both Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás have stated that the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will be shipped to Hungary as soon as Hungarian authorities allow its use. Here is what you need to know about this vaccine.  The Hungarian government has reserved 19.7 million doses of the […]Continue reading

The main problem Zacher finds with Sinopharm is that, unlike all other vaccine providers, the company has not provided the complete, detailed results of its clinical trials.

Responsibility Falls Into the Government’s Hands

The Hungarian government has been providing emergency authorization for vaccines such as Sinopharm and Sputnik V, bypassing the authorization procedure of the European Medicines Agency.

This allows for the vaccines to be used exclusively in Hungary, but could prove to be a problem if there are any complications with the Chinese or Russian vaccines.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has clarified that vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency are the responsibility of the vaccine’s producer, but if a member state chooses to provide a vaccine with emergency authorization, the producer is no longer liable, and responsibility shifts over to the authorizing government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán seems to accept this responsibility. In a recently uploaded Facebook video, the prime minister announced that the Chinese vaccine has come into use, and that it has provided him with the hope that by next week Hungary’s leading pandemic authorities (government officials) will be allowed to receive their inoculations. Earlier, the PM stated that he would personally choose the Chinese vaccine, but also highlighted the reliability of the Russian one:

My standpoint is that the Chinese have known this virus the longest, so I believe that they probably also know the most about it. Anyway, I’m waiting for my turn, and if at that point I have a choice of vaccines, I’ll ask for the Chinese one.

Coronavirus: 102 Fatalities, 2,855 New Infections Registered in Hungary
Coronavirus: 102 Fatalities, 2,855 New Infections Registered in Hungary

Fully 102 Covid patients, generally elderly and suffering from an underlying illness, died over the past 24 hours, while 2,855 new infections were officially registered, bringing the total number of infected to 410,129, koronavirus.gov.hu said on Wednesday. The death toll has risen to 14,552, while 313,450 people have made a recovery. The number of active […]Continue reading

The prime minister highlighted that an increased supply of vaccines can only lead to the whole country being vaccinated as soon as possible.

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