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Chief Medical Officer Müller Assigned Bodyguards Following Death Threats

Tamás Vaski 2021.02.01.

Bodyguards have been assigned to protect Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller following what were allegedly death threats. The media has been actively seeking details, but police and the Ministry of the Interior have shared little.

Liberal news portal 24.hu did not get a clear response as to why Müller now has a security entourage, the Ministry of the Interior simply said that they deemed it necessary to provide her with temporary protection.

The Coronavirus Press Center later confirmed to independent news portal Telex that Müller was in fact threatened.

Authorities did not respond to Telex’s questions of whether it is true that Müller’s house was placed under 24/7 security, or whether Müller already had bodyguards.

An informant told tabloid Blikk that an insane member of a pandemic-denying group threatened the chief medical officer, while those in the medical field apparently said that an individual frustrated with restrictions is responsible.

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According to security expert Péter Tarjányi, the protection of chief medical officers is rare, even in the case of a pandemic. Tarjányi says there is no other example for this anywhere else in the world, meaning that the threat must have been very severe.

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Rosta/MTI

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