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Fully 7,000 requests for coronavirus tests are received each day, the chief medical officer said at an online health conference on Wednesday. Whereas there was a need to increase test delivery capacities, laboratories have sufficient means to evaluate the tests, Cecília Müller said.

Now the second wave of the virus has arrived, the focus should be on protecting the elderly and the chronically ill, she said, noting her recent instructions to restrict access and admissions to social care homes.

Müller said that when a vaccine becomes available, it should first be given to frontline staff such as people working in health care and high-risk groups such as public employees on the front line and teachers.

She also asked teachers to work only if they were completely healthy, adding that there had been many cases of teachers turning up at school even though they knew they had symptoms of the virus.

Coronavirus: Ministry Tightens Epidemiological Measures for Schools
Coronavirus: Ministry Tightens Epidemiological Measures for Schools

The Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) has amended its epidemiological action plan for schools, according to which parents can only enter educational institutions with special permission; events and proms must be postponed, or there should be a strict limit in the number of participants, and students must not attend swimming lessons. The EMMI prepared a […]Continue reading

Müller noted the accumulation of knowledge about the virus during the first wave, adding that the authorities were monitoring the dynamics of the epidemic. But public-health and individual hygiene rules should be followed, including physical distancing, mask use and regular hand disinfection, she added.

Müller said it was clear that the virus was being transmitted most by people in the 20-29 age group, so now there was a lower mortality rate.

János Szlávik, head of the National Institute of Hematology and Infectious Diseases, said many people still did not take the epidemic seriously, and this could prove a real danger.

Featured image by György Varga/MTI