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Chief Adviser On Internal Security Issues Condemns The Demonstration At Röszke

By Robert Velkey // 2017.04.18.

More than eighty people held a protest in Röszke, on Hungary’s southern border, on Saturday.

Referring to US financier George Soros, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s domestic security advisor, told MTI that the demonstrators were people from the “Soros-funded organisation”. Bakondi said about 85 people, including Serbians, Italians, Germans and Spaniards, gathered in the main square of Röszke, many of them having been bused in. “Around 70% of the protesters are foreigners,” he said. The Hungarian participants included Péter Juhász, leader of the opposition Együtt party, theatre director Árpád Schilling and Márton Gulyás, the activist sentenced to 300 hours of community work last week for throwing paint at the presidential palace in protest against the higher education law.


Bakondi said the demonstrators distributed leaflets with slogans such as “No need for the border”, “No need for prison”. The aim of the demonstration is to dismantle the border, eliminate the defences and allow everyone into the territory of the European Union without restriction,” Bakondi said, adding that demonstrators planned to walk to the border and the transit zone. He said police would maintain the protection of the border under all circumstances.