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Cheap Meals Especially For Students – Eateries Under 1000 Forints (3 Euros) In Budapest

By Robert Velkey // 2016.06.07.

There are numerous options to live a non-expansive life for students in general. Some of them bring “mother- made” food from home, some of them prepare their daily meals at the apartment or student dormitory; some of them simply change to photosynthesis instead of spending money on food. All of the solutions may work, but what if you are in a hurry between two lectures and you are as hungry as a hunter or you would like fell out somewhere with your friends (who are also students but have not changed to photosynthesis, yet), or you would like to hook up a girl who is a Bachelor of Arts…

We have collected some of the best restaurants and places in the downtown of Budapest where you can get some food for a very friendly price. No more starving between lectures, no more pastry for all the week…

A good Chinese


Not far from the Astoria, in a little Chinese buffet you can get a meal under 500 forints (2 euros). The little portion of the spicy chicken is 490 forints and the large one is only 680 forints with rice with egg. In Szentkirtályi utca, between the beauty salon and a laundry, at the Szecsuáni Kínai Gyorsbüfé you will find almost every meal at a price under 1000 forints.




Do you prefer meals like at your Granny’s place?


If you start from Kálvin tér, at the beginning of Lónyai utca you can find the Kicsi Mama Konyhálya / Little Granny’s Kitchen. The place looks like a popular one, and there is a wide range of meals and deals. You can find pottages for 380 forints (a little more than 1 euros), and two kinds of meals, both of them under 1000 forints.


Magic Chicken with magical prices


Csoda Csibe was opened in 2015 near by the Batthány utca and nowadays people stands in lines in front of its door. Fried chicken sandwich for 500 forints (less than 2 euros)?!? Be honest, it is a gift. With a big bap, they cook and make the whole sandwich it front of your eyes. It is really magical.



“Only the meat what I need”


 This is your place. A cute little butcher’s shop at the Hajós utca. It is a real authentic place of Budapest according that it is opened since 1991. Sausages, fried pig and chicken, and sandwiches are also in the show-window.

hajos_utcai_hentesuzlet_0 (1)

Fancy and cheapie, is it possible?


Well, you can find a place like that called Balettcipő Bisztró in the Hajós utca. There are only 2 meals under 1000 forints but that two worth to visit this place. Mini sausages with white pepper cost 850 forints, and there is gourmet plesjkavica with kaymak for 920 forints. To tell the truth the portions are not too big but the tastes compensate that.





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