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Champions League: Hungarian Footballers Don’t Make It to the Final, but Coach Does

Fanni Kaszás 2020.08.19.

Two Hungarian footballers, Péter Gulácsi and Willi Orban, made history, as no Hungarian footballer has ever reached as far as the semi-finals of the Champions League. However, PSG defeated their team, RB Leipzig, 3–0, so the big dream has sadly fizzled out, no Hungarian player made it to the final of the most prestigious European club football tournament this year. But the final will still have a Hungarian in it, just not as a player.

Last week, after a dramatic match, RB Leipzig managed to get into the semi-finals, after a 2-1 victory over Atlético Madrid.

Both Leipzig and its Hungarian players faced a historic match on Tuesday, as the team, which a few years ago still played in the German third-league, had the chance to reach the Champions League final for the first time since its existence. At the same time,  Péter Gulácsi and Willi Orban would have been the first Hungarian players to reach the final in the biggest European series ever since it was re-named the Champions League.

Unfortunately, this has not materialized, as Paris Saint-Germain made it to the Champions League final by defeating RB Leipzig 3-0 in the semi-final. The French team’s opponent will be the winner of the Bayern Munich-Lyon match, played on Wednesday. The final will be held in Lisbon on 23 August, which also hosted the mini-tournament of the top eight teams.

Although Gulácsi and Orban did not make it to the final, there will still be one Hungarian there, as the second coach of PSG is a Hungarian, former national team player Zsolt Lőw.

Featured photo by MTI/EPA/Getty/David Ramos