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Central Europe’s Tallest Empty Building Finally Demolished In Pécs After Long Agony

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.18.

Central Europe’s tallest unoccupied building, which rose above the southern Hungarian city of Pécs since the mid-1970s, has finally been demolished after much commotion.


The so-called High-rise of Pécs, a 25-floor reinforced concrete structure, finally disappeared by Monday morning after demolition works originally scheduled to begin in December 2015 started this spring.


The emblematic building of 250 small apartments was completed in 1976 but stood unoccupied since 1989, when residents were evicted due to the corrosion of its structure. In 2003, the municipal authority spent HUF 360 million on structural repairs before selling the building, which subsequently changed hands several times. A declaration of demolition for the 84-metre high-rise apartment block was finally issued by the Baranya county government office in the autumn of 2013.

via hvg.hu
photos: Tamás Sóki/MTI and Wikipedia