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Central Bank Governor Complains To The Economist Over Exclusion Of Hungary’s Macroeconomic Data

Tamás Székely 2015.06.22.

National Bank of Hungary (MNB) governor György Matolcsy has written a letter to The Economist protesting the exclusion of Hungary from a list of macroeconomic indicators the newspaper regularly publishes, the central bank said on Monday. Matolcsy complained in the letter that The Economist has not published selected macroeconomic indicators from Hungary since April 25, while publishing those of countries with similar economies, such as the Czech Republic, as well as publishing the Budapest Stock Exchange’s main BUX index.

“The omission of the data is detrimental to perceptions about the Hungarian economy. Moreover, its timing gives the impression as if The Economist was keen on presenting those data to its readers that confirmed the problems of the Hungarian economy, which indeed did exist in the past, while it would rather hide the data demonstrating the successes achieved in recent years,” Matolcsy said in the letter posted on the MNB’s website.

“The deletion of information related to Hungary hinders readers with a general interest in economic developments from making an educated assessment, while it reduces the opportunity of investors with a presence in Hungary or considering future investments in the country to monitor the most important developments in the Hungarian economy in one of the world’s most widely read economic weekly,” he added. Matolcsy urged the paper’s editor to include, as before, the data on Hungary “to ensure that not a single reader of your paper is left with an unjustified loss of information.”

via and photo: Imre Földi – MTI