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A Cavalcade Of Flavours: Gourmet Festival Opens Its Gates For Epicure Visitors In Budapest

Robert Velkey 2016.05.13.

Thursday the 12th of May 2016 was a rainy afternoon in Budapest. In spite of this, in the Millenáris Park of Buda, preparations were under way to get ready the gates to open and show the way for the professional restaurants. This day was the professional day for the cooks, chefs, vine-dressers and traders and for the best catering managers of Hungary. One day before the festival opens the gates for the public visitors the top personalities of catering industry could do socialize at the Millenáris. You can find more details about the event in our previous article.


After registration, you step into the wonderland of fish and venison morsels according to this “gastro-topic” of this year’s Gourmet Festival. The whole park is filled with catering huts of the most demanding restaurants from Budapest and the countryside. On the side of the path and in front of the huts you find benches and tables to take a seat for the “delicous exploration of tastes”. Fortunately, the organizers were well-prepared this year and set up enough tents, so the rainy day could not wash away the festival and you can enjoy your meal instead of “singing… I mean eating in the rain”.


Probably they learned it to get prepared to the rain because in the last 3 years if it was Gourmet Festival it was raining. Anyway, rains or shine the participating restaurants of the festival are waiting for the samplers with the style and flavor of the “French cuisine”. Using the best quality commodities, and plating the meals in a spectacular way with appetizing design.


According to this year’s fish and venison meals starring you can taste foods what probably you have never bite before or didn’t know it exists. Baltazar’s fish milk with onion aioli is not just special but incredible tasty. The best accompany is a sip of Sauska’s cabernet sauvignon with the fried carp’s milk, don’ miss it if you are visiting the Festival.


The wild boar jaw from Larus with a glass of full-bodied red wine from Szekszárd makes you careless about the weather.


This is the festival where you can try the most delicous dishes and meet the bests of the bests from the gastro-life. For example you can meet the best European chef, Tamás Széll the celebrated winner of the Bocuse d’Or 2016 competition.


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