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Catholic University Launches “Unique” Subject On The Holocaust

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.27.

Pázmány Péter Catholic University, based in the capital and Piliscsaba just outside Budapest, is launching a mandatory subject for all students on the Holocaust from September, the university’s rector announced on Tuesday in Budapest.

According to Szabolcs Szuromi, the class, entitled “The Holocaust and its Remembrance” will be part of the basic curriculum and a prerequisite for graduation in addition to the already complusory “Introduction to the Catholic Faith”. Studying the subject will be mandatory for students in all university programmes at every single faculty of the institution, he added.

The university’s initiative was branded unique in Europe by Israeli ambassador to Budapest Ilan Mor. Stressing the importance of education, he said that it should be begun not at university, in public education or in kindergarten, but at home. “Parents are the GPS to children”, he said, adding that if this is absent, it has to be made up for in schools.

via index.hu and hungarymatters.hu
photo: btk.ppke.hu