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Canadian Hungarian Donates Large Sum to Hungarian Hospital in Last Will

Tamás Vaski 2021.03.23.

A Canadian Hungarian donated CAD 300,000 (EUR 200,665) to the cardiology department of the Géza Hetényi Hospital Foundation in Szolnok. István Gulácsi added the sum to his last will and testament as thanks for the hospital treating his wife Erzsébet for years.

The foundation’s chief director Miklós Piroska said that the honorary consul of Alberta, Sándor Szenthe informed him that Gulácsi had left the donation in his last will and testament.

The head doctor of the department Gulácsi donated to, Béla Herczeg, said that the money will be spent on upgrading the hospital’s electronic system, purchasing new computers, printers, and other such items. They are also planning to buy a ultrasound machine, defibrillators, and a Holter machine used for heartbeat analysis.

According to the hospital’s report István Gulácsi was born in Szolnok in 1924. In 1949 he emigrated to Edmonton, Canada with his wife, Erzsébet, where they lived together for 64 years.

The pair would frequently visit Hungary, and Gulácsi’s decision to include the Hungarian hospital’s cardiology department in his will stemmed from the fact that his wife was treated there for years.

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Gulácsi passed away in 2020, but his donation arrived to the hospital which, recognition of his generosity, planning to make a memorial plaque for him.

Featured photo by János Mészáros/MTI