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What Can Anthony Bourdain Cook Up In Budapest In Forty Minutes? – Watch The Show In Full!

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.06.08.

CNN has aired a 40-minute episode of the world-famous US celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s food & travel series “Parts Unknown”, shot in the Hungarian capital Budapest in January.

The programme is a witty combination of art, culture, cooking and history through the perspective of the individual, in this case Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, who speaks of the country’s heyday during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the devastations of the two world wars.

The presenter is puzzled to describe the beauty of the capital, finally resorting to the term “building porn”; although the city’s buildings are the remnants of an empire that still seems to be here, large numbers of artists had emigrated in search of a new home, leaving behind an emptiness that is evident till this day.

During his stay in Budapest, the fifty-something celebrity chef visited not only the upmarket New York coffee house in central Budapest – where he discussed the capital’s famous coffee house culture with writer Péter Zilahy – and discussed how to make black puding in the heart of the city, but also ventured further afield to experience the taste of quintessential Hungarian street food, visited the southern city of Szeged to sample its famous “halászlé” and cooked with Margit Bangó, “the Aretha Franklin of Hungarian gypsy music”.

Click here to watch the show in full!

via varosban.blog.hu