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4 ft Long Caiman Left in Box with Short Warning Message

Hungary Today 2019.08.12.

Someone left a nearly one and a half meter long caiman, a crocodilian in the Alligatoridae family, in a box at the entrance of sea aquarium Tropicarium in Budapest’s 22nd district, TV channel RTL Klub reported.

The animal’s former owner left some additional information on the box: “Tropicarium, please adopt me!,” “130 cm long caiman,” and “Beware, it bites!!!”

Reportedly, the zoo’s workers who found the box first thought it was a joke and expected a plush animal to be inside. Opening the package, however, it became clear that they weren’t being pranked and the box indeed contained a live animal.

The animal’s mouth was tied with a rope to avoid biting. It is unknown where it had been kept thus far and why it was surrendered.

“Spectacled caimans live predominantly in South America; in Hungary, it is illegal to keep them at home. For the time being, it was taken to a closed area humidified with fresh water,” the report stated.

Image by RTL Klub

Spectacled caimans are crocodilian alligatoridaes, a specimen that  can grow up to two and a half meters. They are not particularly dangerous to humans, their teeth however, are  razor sharp. In the Tropicarium, there is already one representative of the species, named Kálmán, but unfortunately the two cannot be put together.

featured image: Piaxaby