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Fidesz Appeals Joint Nomination of Opposition Candidate for Crucial By-Election

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.08.24.

Fidesz appealed opposition Jobbik politician László Bíró’s nomination to run as the joint opposition candidate for the by-election in the Tiszaújváros-Szerencs constituency. The election to be held in fall is of great importance, as the two-thirds majority of governing party alliance Fidesz-KDNP depends on it.

Fidesz filed the appeal arguing that Péter Jakab is formally still not yet the president of Jobbik. Although Jakab was elected on January 25th, the court has yet to formally register him despite Jakab receiving the order on July 9th, according to him. Thus, legally speaking, no one can make statements on behalf of the party.

Fidesz Nominates Daughter of Deceased MP as His Successor
Fidesz Nominates Daughter of Deceased MP as His Successor

The governing parties have nominated Zsófia Koncz, the daughter of lawmaker Ferenc Koncz, who tragically died in an accident in July, for the by-election in the Tiszaújváros-Szerencs constituency. The National Election Committee has set the date for the election to October 11th in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Constituency VI, where voters will elect the successor of 61-year-old […]Continue reading

This does not mean, however, that the joint opposition candidate László Bíró cannot run for the post, pro-government news site Mandiner highlights. It only means that the party cannot officially appear as a nominating organization in the by-elections.

That said, since László Bíró is a Jobbik politician, it would certainly be strange if the party did not officially back him during the campaign and on the ballot papers. This way, it could easily limit Bíró’s chances against the candidate of the governing parties.

Although Bíró was chosen to be the joint candidate of the opposition, many found him ill-fitted for the position due to his prior racist and anti-Semitic comments on social media. In one instance, he called Budapest “Judapest,” in another, he complained that there were too many foreign Jews among the guests of the spa hotels in Tarcal. He later apologized for his remarks.

Opposition to Field Joint Candidates in All Constituencies in 2022
Opposition to Field Joint Candidates in All Constituencies in 2022

Opposition parties have decided to field joint candidates in all of Hungary’s 106 constituencies and launch a joint program in the 2022 general election. As the agreement does not yet contain anything specific, it can be considered only the first step towards a possible wide-ranging cooperation. The composition of a common party list and its […]Continue reading

The by-election was announced after the tragic death of Fidesz lawmaker Ferenc Koncz, and is set to be held on October 11th. Fidesz- KDNP nominated the MP’s daughter, 30-year-old Zsófia Koncz as their candidate.

Winning the by-election is a top priority for the governing parties as technically they lost their two-thirds majority of 133 MPs in the National Assembly. It might also be important to note, that with the German nationality advocate, Fidesz party member Imre Ritter, the ruling parties would still retain a qualified majority even if the opposition’s candidate won.

Featured photo via László Bíró’s Facebook page.