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Butter, Bread, Flour Are Less Expensive in the UK and Austria Than in Hungary

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.15.

Bread, butter and Nutella are cheaper in the United Kingdom than in Hungary. Austrians can also purchase flour at a lower price than Hungarians can. However, chicken breast, milk and potatoes cost less in our country. Pénzcentrum compared the price tags of twelve foods and beverages from four different European countries.

According to Eurostat, 18.2 percent of overall household spending goes towards non-alcoholic beverages in Hungary. This is the fifth highest percentage in the European Union; the average is 12.2 percent. The authors of the article think the increased expenditure is a result of the higher food prices. The comparisons were constructed from the prices of products available online and the primary concern was to minimize any differences between the quality and category of products in the different markets.

When comparing prices, it was evident that Hungarian prices are similar to those in Slovakia. For example, butter, eggs, sugar and flour are cheaper in our Northern neighbor, but here in Hungary, for example, milk, bread and Greek yogurt cost less. With the exception of one or two products, there are no major differences between the two countries.

Austria, in almost every case, has lower food prices than Hungary—with chicken breast being the one exception. The price of 1 kg of chicken breast is HUF 4,830 (in the case of bioproducts, the price can be double). Hungary reports the cheapest price for chicken breast among the countries examined. However, Nutella was the most expensive in Hungary and Slovakia. Customers in these two countries are reportedly paying a higher price for a smaller package.

Via: Pé

Featured Image: Újszó