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The government has decided to exempt business trips from recently introduced travel restrictions to ensure the continuity of Hungarian economy, the government information centre said on Friday.

At a government meeting on Friday, the cabinet reviewed the restrictions introduced on Tuesday and made adjustments to ensure the security of Hungarians and the continued operation of the economy.

Under the new decision, coronavirus tests carried out in EU member states within the Schengen area are now considered equivalent to tests conducted in Hungary, the statement said.

Hungary Border Closure Strikes EU as Unexpected Restriction
Hungary Border Closure Strikes EU as Unexpected Restriction

The Hungarian government announced on Friday that it has decided to close borders to foreigners starting on September 1st, re-introducing the border protection measures in force during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic. However, at a press conference of the European Commission, Adalbert Jahnz, spokesperson of the EC, said that although there was a […]Continue reading

Furthermore, foreign spectators of sports and cultural events will now be allowed to enter the country if they provide a negative test and undergo a health check upon entering. They are requested to leave the country within three days after entering, the statement said.

Featured photo illustration by György Varga/MTI