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BuSho Film Festival

By admin // 2014.09.02.

Busho Film Festival is set to take place between September 2 and 7 in Budapest for the tenth time. The film festival, featuring an international selection of short films, where 80 entries will be presented, 12 of which are Hungarian. The BuSho award will go the best short film, selected by an esteemed jury.

The name of the festival comes from a clever Hungarian pun, where Budapest Short, or BuSho, refers to the traditional popular custom of winter-send-of from Southern Hungary called “busójárás”The festival was established in 2004 by a group of young Hungarian filmmakers in order to fill a gap in the category of short film. The goal of the festival is to develop and present the cultural identity of Eastern Europe through its audiovisual sector.

Organizers of BuSho aim to give a platform to young filmmakers, where they can introduce themselves, striving to together create the cornerstones of a new European Value. Traditionally, the festival takes place on the first week of September in Budapest, where Eastern European film makers meet to present their latest short films.

Films feature in fiction, animation and experimental categories, as the number of entries grow gradually every year. The festival welcomes visitors to several screenings, where selections of film universities, feature films, film-, and all-art workshops are all included in the program.

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