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Budapest’s Vörösmarty Square To Be Completely Renovated, but Christmas and the Spring Markets Won’t Be Impacted, Officials Claim

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.06.05.

Beginning in September, Budapest’s Vörösmarty Square and its surroundings will undergone a major renovation, one that is likely to be completed by the end of the next summer. The aim of the project is to make the surrounding streets look more uniform, to strengthen the square’s nature as a public space, and improve infrastructure and utilities for seasonal markets.

In addition to Vörösmarty Square itself, the portion of  Deák Ferenc Street between Bécsi utca and the Vigadó building will be renovated, as will  Vigadó street and Harmincad street. Over the course of the reconstruction, the space will be covered with unique natural paving, and improved will see improved traffic signage and road design as well. In addition, surface drainage will be improved, public utilities will be renovated or replaced, and street lighting will be redesigned as well.

Photo : László Mudra/ We Love Budapest

There are also plans to increase green space: in addition to keeping healthy trees, renovation plans call for the planting of more trees and the laying of a lawn on Vörösmarty statue.

Holiday travelers should not fear, however, as the Christmas and Spring Markets, both of which are held at Vörösmarty, are not in any danger, as according to the planned schedule work will be paused during the two-and-a-half months in which these events are set to take place.

At the meeting of Budapest’s Municipal Assembly on Wednesday, the Council unanimously approved the renovation plans. The gross  1.6 billion HUF ( 5,3 million EUR) renovation will be financed in its entirety by Hungary’s Ministry of the Interior.