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Budapest’s Liszt Academy Of Music Wins Europa Nostra Prize In Conservation

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.04.15.

A total of 28 winners of the European Union’s Europa Nostra Prize were announced in four categories on Tuesday.

“The Jury regarded this project as outstanding example of best practice in restoration. It was a far from simple matter: the building itself is a special example of the elaborate European style of the Sezession, and combines aesthetic splendour with innovative functional design. But the standards required for international music performance today are incomparably higher than those of 1904, and the new technology required to achieve them has to be accommodated within a precious period setting. The result is outstanding in its character as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” and at the same time a highly complicated technical building, without reduction of either feature”, the award’s website reads.

The renovation of the Academy of Music was began in August 2011, with the aim of not only restoring the architectural monument to its original splendour based on original plans, descriptions and photographs but also to enable high-standard musical education within its walls. The building’s renewal was completed in October 2013.

The Europa Nostra Prize is awarded for the protection and reconstruction oif cultural heritage, research and digitalisation schemes concerning cultural heritage, exemplary and committed service to cultural heritage and raising levels of education, training and awareness in the area.

The award ceremony will be held in the Norwegian capital Oslo on June 11.