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Budapest100: Discover the Hidden Gems of the Capital in May

By Fanni Kaszás // 2018.02.08.

Budapest100, an annual weekend-long urban civil festival to celebrate the buildings and people of the capital, will be held for the eights time this spring. While last year the program focused on the banks of River Danube, in 2018, the main theme of the the event will be squares of the capital. 

Hunyadi square. (photo: Budapest100)

The program, first launched in 2011 by the Open Society Archives and the KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre, has been organized annually on the weekend closest to the 100th day of the year, to celebrate the one hundred-year-old buildings of Budapest.  This year’s Budapest 100 will be held on the first weekend of May (5-6 May) and visitors can discover the squares of Budapest and the buildings surrounded by these squares.

Hadik house (photo: Dóra Dekovics)

Budapest100 emphasizes the common values of the city’s inhabitants and aims to bring together people from varied backgrounds in the preparation of the event. The program opens the doors of historic buildings to visitors and enable them to discover the hidden gems of Budapest.

During the two days, nearly 20 thousand people visit the buildings including flats, attics and ateliers. In some cases, small communities of residents and workers even come together, host events for the public or renew a section of their buildings.

photo: Gergely Schöff

More than fifty buildings, from all around the city, will participate in this year’s event with the help of volunteers. The buildings are a mixture of residential houses, schools, museums and offices, which are otherwise closed to the public.

As part of the program, the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre offers free, guided tours in every district, which has participating buildings. Each tour is limited to 40 people and pre-registration is required. However, it is possible to visit the buildings alone, as they are open to the general public during the weekend and everyone can discover them in their own pace.

photo: Dóra Dekovics

Budapest100 was chosen as the Volunteer Program of the Year by Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány in 2014, in 2013 it made the list of the most interesting programs on the continent in Guardian, and was an award winner at a competition organized by the Hamburg based newspaper, Lebendige Stadt Stiftung.

You can find more information of the event, a complete list of this year’s featured buildings, architects and registration on the Budapest 100’s website.

via Budapest100

featured photo: 14 Ráday street. (photo: Dóra Dekovics)