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The city of Budapest recently uploaded a video with notable celebrities speaking about how nice reopening would be, reminding us of things we could do before the pandemic. encouraging people to get vaccinated are actors such as Eszter Ónodi, Pál Mácsai, János Kulka, composer Iván Fischer, journalist Nóra Winkler, and businessman Károly Gerendai.

Even the Hungarian National Football Team’s Italian coach, Marco Rossi makes an appearance, saying in Hungarian that the return of concerts, films, and restaurants can only happen if “everyone is vaccinated against coronavirus as soon as possible.”

The campaign video announces: “The lockdown must come to an end, let’s reopen Budapest together!”

So far 1.3 percent of Hungary’s population has received both inoculations of the coronavirus vaccine. There has been such an increase in available vaccines, however, that the vaccination process will soon speed up. Still, there is a long way to go until coronavirus restrictions are lifted a herd immunity takes effect.

Complications Arising Around Vaccination Process
Complications Arising Around Vaccination Process

Hungary’s vaccination of those between the ages of 18 and 59 has begun, but people who have no serious condition are also receiving letters of notification. Furthermore, the government has made doctors the ones responsible for picking up vaccines from government offices, and has requested that they work overtime during weekends. Multiple readers reported to […]Continue reading

Reopening will not be an easy process, but soon Budapest will be as vibrant as ever.

Featured photo via photo via énbudapestem‘s Youtube channel