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Budapest Showcase Brings Musicians from Around Eastern Europe Together for the Second Time

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.11.16.

This week, the Budapest Showcase Hub (BuSH), an event highlighting up-and-coming performers from countries throughout Eastern Europe, will be returning to the Hungarian capital.

In its second iteration, being held in Budapest from November 15th to the 17th, BuSH features acts from countries throughout the region, from the Balkans to the Baltics, in an effort to bring talented Eastern European performers the recognition that they deserve. In addition, the event works to build a musical community in these post-Communist countries.

The Budapest Showcase Hub also co-produces the ‘#newkidsfromthebloc’ project, which promotes the Showcase’s musical acts year-round through events, shows, and a YouTube channel, whose intro video you can view below:

Describing his impressions of last year’s Budapest Showcase Hub, Tim Thornton, drummer for the band The Fink wrote:

That’s what this festival’s about… the realisation that we’re not separate, but one country with 140 million people… the same problems, the same thinking. We should help each other.

Musical acts will perform in clubs and concert venues throughout the city’s downtown, such as Akvárium, Instant, Robot, and Kuplung.

In addition to musical performances, BuSH also features speakers and professional workshops, who will address issues ranging from marketing, to PR, to sound design.

If you want to see some of the most interesting and exciting up-and-coming acts that the eastern half of the European continent has to offer, you can buy your tickets at BuSH’s website here. Tickets are only 8 euros for a one-day pass; with that pass, you can go to any of the 12 concerts occurring each day.

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Image via Budapest Showcase Hub Facebook Page

Videos via newkidsfromthebloc YouTube