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Budapest-Reykjavik Flight Makes Unscheduled Landing due to Aggressive Passenger

Hungary Today 2019.08.15.

A Budapest-Reykjavik Wizzair flight was forced to change its route and make an unscheduled landing in Stavanger, Norway, due to a man’s aggressive antics and his non-stop attempts to get into the cockpit.

The 60-year old man, supposedly an Icelandic citizen, seemed intoxicated and was unstable, Stavanger Aftenblad reports. There were 222 passengers and a crew of 7 on board. The man’s erratic behavior forced the crew to change its route and ask for emergency clearance to land at the Stavanger airport and for police assistance. During the incident, no one was injured on the plane.

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After landing, the man was seen by a doctor, brought under control, and taken into police custody. He has been reported for violating the Aviation Act.

Airport Director Anette Sigmundstad told journalists that having been notified of the violent passenger and the unscheduled landing, they had started a partial emptying of the terminal but soon stopped the operation when it was confirmed that it was unnecessary.

The police refuted rumors that the plane had been hijacked or that there was any attempt of the kind.

The man told police that he had taken medication and remembers nothing of the incident.

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Wizzair informed index.hu that after the incident, the plane continued its route and landed in Reykjavik one and a half hours later than scheduled.

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