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Hungary Colorized: Volunteers Revitalize Public Structures

Tamás Vaski 2021.05.09.

A number of public structures; bus stops, benches, garbage cans around Budapest have caught the attention of passers-by for their unique artistic flairs featuring various themes from pop culture. The satirical Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (Kétfarkú Kutyapárt) began the initiative with help from community volunteers. Not only does it involve painting Budapest, the imitative involves anything that gives Hungary an eye-catching, approachable image.

The movement to paint public structures around Budapest and Hungary, an undertaking reliant on help from enthusiastic volunteers, has had a noticeably positive impact on the community. While it is a simple gesture, it takes away from the dreariness many may feel in these difficult times.

People waiting for the bus to get to work from Budapest’s 12th District will be happy to have the company of a confident, well-dressed Lego man who seems oblivious to the situation he’s in, unlike the gentleman in the overalls.

Here is another simple but creative fashion statement, an advertising column inspired by the famous Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte.

On a rainy day, anyone waiting for the bus in Érd will be happy not to share the fate of Fred Flintstone…

But those in the 15th District will not need to worry about the weather, however, and can enjoy their tropical drinks on the beach:

Appropriately for Star Wars Day, this heap of space junk was refurbished into the spitting image of R2-D2, May the 4th be with you!

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This bench in Fejér county might just become a meeting place for marine biologists:

While this one in Margit Boulevard will clearly attract ecologists:

And whether they either grew tired of gardening or needed some air after finishing their quarantine, these gnomes decided to go for a hike.

Featured photo via MKKP BP XII. District’s Facebook page