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Budapest Mayor Supports a Night-Flight Ban over the City

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.02.22.

The Mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós, has announced the city will propose a flight ban at Budapest’s international Liszt Ferenc Airport between midnight and five am to reduce noise pollution in the area.

Parts of Budapest Have Become Uninhabitable Due to Increased Airport Traffic

A long-term proposal will move cargo aircraft and low-cost airline flights to another airport, further away from Budapest, Tarlós added.

Proposals will also change the way noise levels are evaluated and will transfer the task of measuring them from the airport’s operator to the National Transport Authority. The Mayor would prefer that an independent measurement agency evaluate the level of noise pollution instead of the aviation company currently doing the job.

Local Council Submits Petition Concerning Noise Near Budapest Airport

Earlier, the Ombudsman demanded that the traffic at Liszt Ferenc Airport be altered. He said people have the right to a healthy environment, something that the noise pollution caused by the airplanes jeopardizes.

Featured Image: Blikk