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Budapest Mayor Karácsony Thanks Soros for Donation

Ábrahám Vass 2020.03.31.

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony thanked George Soros for his donation of 1 million Euros which the billionaire, a central and contested figure of the domestic political debate, gave to the capital.

In his Facebook post, Budapest’s opposition-backed mayor wrote: “…however, it would be good if, instead of petty and offensive misinterpretations, this aid would be seen by everyone as a generous and noble gesture, as effective help. Just as we handle other donations to the city, or when we previously received one million Euros from George Soros during the red sludge disaster following the Prime Minister’s call for help.”

Karácsony then explains that according to their current plans, the donation would be used for tools to help prevent infection and for testing those medics and nurses who work in the districts’ outpatient and primary care locations and in the social services. “Donations are a big relief as the capital and the districts are significantly losing revenue, while obviously spending more, there is a district where the mayor has multiplied the social benefits – rightly and responsibly.”

He also insists that likewise to all of their procurements, the public will be informed about the usage of the donation as soon as negotiations and deals will be completed.

“Budapest is a city of solidarity, and support during troubles strengthens its community – the community of the city whose power will help us beat this disease.”

featured image via MTI/ Zoltán Balogh