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From Budapest With Love: the Mága Magic Comes to the Sunshine State

Hungary Today 2017.01.12.

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Zoltán Mága is a renowned master of the violin not only in Hungary, but internationally as well. The Mága show has traveled to dozens of countries, including America, and captivated audiences worldwide. The maestro has given concerts in the United States several times, but this is the first time that he will perform in Sarasota. The concert will be on January 18 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota in a beautiful setting overlooking Sarasota Bay.

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The organizers have publicized the following promotional theme:

“Don’t miss the flair and passion of Hungary’s foremost violin virtuoso, Zoltán Mága, introduced to North America through his PBS special last year! Fiery music and dance will be brought to life by a cast of costumed dancers, singers and chamber symphony orchestra. From heart-warming ballads, beautiful waltzes and beloved arias to the furious speed of Mr. Mága’s musicians, these performers will impress with their masterful virtuosity.”

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We had an opportunity to speak with the artist briefly one week prior to the event in order to solicit his views and motives of coming to Florida. Attila Glatz introduced us and we had a nice chat on the phone, while the Maestro was at his Palm Beach home.

Is this the first time you will give a concert in Sarasota?

Yes it is, but I should add that I have been to the United States on several other occasions before and gave concerts at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center thanks to my outstanding tour organizer and promoter, Attila Glatz.

How many stops will you make this time?

By the time we come to the end of this tour, we have given about a dozen performances. Currently, we are at Palm Beach and, of course, we will travel to other cities as well, including concerts given to smaller audiences to please the Hungarian communities here locally. Most of these are charity events, we either subsidize these performances for the smaller Hungarian-American communities or will give a bulk of our revenues to charity causes, such as children’s health care needs and the like.

How large is your ensemble this time? How many performers will be featured?

We will have about 30 performers, musicians, dancers and soloists. It will be a rich performance with various acts and two north-American soloists, one American and one Canadian.

Do you know some local Hungarians with whom you would like to spend some time?

I would love to get to know the local Hungarians who are active in maintaining Hungarian cultural life in Sarasota. However, I will spend only one day here and possibly an overnight stay, so I will not have much time to meet with them all.

What are your plans for 2017? Where else will you perform?

This will be a busy year for us, which is typical at this stage of my career. I will perform in several countries in Europe, but I will also travel to China and Japan.

Thank you for providing your thoughts for Hungary Today! Those of us who reside here or just happen to pass through Sarasota will be delighted to come and enjoy your performance on January 18.

Adam Topolansky


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