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Budapest Launches Website for Public Input into Planning

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.17.

Budapest’s municipal council has launched a website, giving the public the chance to suggest how the city should be developed, the Mayor’s Office said on Wednesday.

2027.budapest.hu provides information on planning processes while also giving the general public the chance to join in by filling out questionnaires, according to its statement.

Opinions are being sought on areas such as how to better integrate the banks of the Danube into the rest of the city and tackle the problems of mass tourism, as well as whether to establish new public parks.

Cooperation between different sectors will form the basis of the city’s development via joint work on a digital participation platforms, creating a link between the project in question and stakeholders, the statement added. Working groups will work on topics such as housing, climate protection and transport.

Ideas, opinions and suggestions can also be emailed to smartbp@budapest.hu.

The Budapest 2027 strategy is planned to be adopted by the Budapest General Assembly next February.