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Budapest Bomb Attack: Suspect Won’t Say Why He Did It

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.02.23.

After admitting to committing the attack, and answering police officers’ questions for three days, Budapest bombing suspect László P. has suddenly refused to answer more questions after being asked why he planted a bomb on Teréz Avenue last September.

Earlier this week, Hungarian state media channel M1 reported that the suspect named László P admitted that he was the hooded figure who can be seen on security camera recordings made near the site that evening and that the remains of his rucksack were found at the site after the explosion.

But following three days of continuous testimony, upon being questioned as to why he made a bomb and placed it on the side of a street in the middle of the Hungarian capital, the suspect became silent and refused to answer further questions.

Speaking to Hungarian news service Magyar Idők, the suspect’s Tamás Brunner said that, while his client has said that he does not currently wish to answer any more questions, that does not mean that he will not answer any questions in the future.

In addition to his detailed confession, the contents of László P.’s cellphone, as well as eyewitness testimony, confirm that he was responsible for last September’s bombing.

Two police officers were wounded, one of them with life-threatening injuries, when a bomb exploded near a ground floor shop entrance on downtown Budapest’s Teréz Avenue in the late hours of September 24. The suspect was detained in Keszthely in western Hungary on October 19.

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