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Budapest Bomb Attack: Police Release Footage And Captions Of Mysterious Suspect

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.09.27.

Hungarian police have released footage of the man suspected of being the perpetrator of the Saturday night bomb attack on a main thoroughfare in central Budapest that seriously injured two police officers.

The 18-minute video shows the section of Teréz körút near the corner of Király utca in the minutes prior to the explosion shortly after 22:30 p.m. The explosion can be seen at the end of the footage, with the bomber appearing before it on the top of the picture. Authorities have also published a number of still-frame pictures of the suspected  bomber, believed to be between the ages of 20 and 25 and around 170 centimetres tall.




The unknown individual was wearing a light-coloured fisherman’s hat, a dark cavas jacket, blue jeans and white trainers at the time of the attack.

The country’s national police chief is offering a HUF 10 million reward for identifying the attacker and is calling on members of the general public with any information on the individual’s identity or dwelling-place to contact police through the toll-free telephone number 06-80/620-107, 06-80/555-111, on either of the central emergency numbers (107; 112) or in person at any police authority.

While authorities are yet to rule out the possibility of a terrorist attack, information disclosed so far suggests that the bombing, which targeted a male and a female police officer both in their twenties, may have been motivated by private reasons.

via mandiner.hu
cover photo: Ferenc Isza/AFP/Getty

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